Kompas Jelajah Sepeda Bali Komodo 2013

I made the logo and the event items; medalion, sticker, ad, jersey, etc. Jelajah Sepeda is anually cycling touring present by Kompas newspaper. Jelajah Sepeda Bali Komodo started from Bali, Sumbawa, until Flores and finished at Labuan Bajo.

I had participated for this event. One of the best moment in my life."

Nias Cultural Passage

Nias Cultural Passage is event from National Geographic Indonesia collaborated with Sony. Formed into online photo contest and photo trip to Nias Island.

The logo concept from Nias ancient culture; Lompat Batu."

Fotokita Award

These are the designs to promoted National Geographic international campaign named “Seven Billion Humans”. To awared us about whole problems when earth has 7 billion humans in the end of 2011. The campaign formed into Photography Contest.


The logo concept contained a visual of humans in the lens of camera"

Bersepeda Damai

This is the first Kompas newspaper funbike event in 2010. The theme is cycling in peace. Whole communities of cyclist spread over Jakarta participated for this event.

"Riding cycle in peace, no matter what kind of your bike, just ride it as one purpose for better world."

Festival Wayang 2006

Festival Wayang 2006 is an event to promoted Indonesian culture, wayang. The target of audiences are youth people, from the age 15-25 years old. In the picture; poster, brochure, ticket, and guidebook.

"Wayang in purple and yellow as the colors to appears a magical nuance to attract the attention of youth target market."

NGI event

These are x banner designs to promoted NGI event. When I was work in National Geographic Indonesia, I'm not only supervisor for the editorial, but also supervisor for designs in promotion division

The logo concept from Nias ancient culture; Lompat Batu."

Bali Bike 2012

The logo of Bali bike from Balinese sculpture carving pattern, appears as silhouette of cyclist. This is the first annualy commercial cycling touring presented by Kompas newspaper. 

Barong as a symbol protection from the evil in Balinese culture."